Work Room Redux – Part 1

We’ve spent 2 years in our little house now, but a busy work schedule, and an adult child who keeps moving home, has kept me from getting our work space sorted out. FINALLY I’m taking the plunge and I’m going to start working on it! The entire upstairs will be dedicated to our work room. The area has some inherent problems. One of the rooms has no outlets, the largest room has one outlet and the third room has two outlets. There are plenty of windows, but no doors and no ducting in the room so it’s really hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

Our space will have many uses, we’ll have the music room, for my hubby to go and hide in, and a room for for yarn and books (I’ve got lots of yarn and books). In my defense, the yarn room is the size of a closet with sloped ceilings, it’s really unusable for anything requiring standing up. The big room will be primarily my sewing space, but we’ll also have it set up for use as our YouTube studio, with the gaming PC. Or current challenge in this room is the bed currently in the room. although it’s only a double, we can’t get the box spring down the stairs. I’ll have to disassemble it, which involves tools and will make a mess.

The music room is also cursed with slanted ceilings, and storage will be an issue. Lots of guitars, kept in cases, currently litter the space. I’ll be making some kind of stand or shelving to clear up some some space and make the room a little more tidy. Also, we’ll be putting a futon in the room, so hubby has somewhere to sit and play.

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